A little White Lye leaves a
big impression


A little White Lye leaves a big impression

It’s been a little while since our last newsletter, so to make up for it we’ve made sure this week’s is a real winner!

When the owners first came across this century-old house in Mosman on Sydney’s North Shore, the initial attraction was to the original weatherboard cladding, lengthy verandahs and captivating harbour views. The interiors however, needed a big refresh and by enlisting the help of Burley Katon Halliday Architects (BKH), what was once a dark and poorly arranged interior was transformed into this stunning, open and bright vista that would host a young family of five.

The main intention of BKH was to connect the central living areas with the harbour views at the front of the house. They also wanted to bring back some of the grandeur that the 100 year old house had been stripped of in decades worth of renovations.

Mafi engineered timber flooring in Oak Clear Lye Treated Brushed White Oil were used throughout the newly designed home, including the open plan living space and kitchen, rumpus room, hallways as well as for the stair treads and risers.

Pure in form, texture and colour, mafi Oak Lye floorboards provide a beautiful base to the elegant coastal style home. Changing light enters the home all day playing with shadows on the grain of natural oiled timber.

What makes this floor particularly special, is its very light and even tone. This is a result of mafi lye, a unique treatment which reacts with the wood’s pigments. Effectively, lye takes out the yellow undertones of natural oak creating a very cool, crisp and almost bleached look. The natural colour of oak still glows through offering a subtle warmth to the white on white interior.

Pillars, coffered ceilings and bold contrasting black doors were installed in the central living areas to restore a sense of structure to the home. The result, a gentle hint of formality to an otherwise light and free flowing space.

Photos by Sharrin Rees