No more anxiety |
Dentists choose mafi


No more anxiety | Dentists choose mafi

Challenging the dread and anxiety of dental visits comes a new approach to health and wellbeing centres. This newly unveiled dental surgery in Munich has patients flocking to see Dr. Mardi and Dr Vonholdt. The finish selection of the practise goes against the grain, and adopts products and finishings that are natural and healthy.

The design idea was to create a healthy room atmosphere that is both warm and comforting. The characteristics of oak floors treated only with natural oils, deliver a positive impact on the practice.

mafi was selected because of its natural health benefits and antibacterial properties. The incredibly robust and hardwearing nature of mafi Oak floorboards partnered with mafi care free maintenance is an ideal match for commercial application.

In this white space, mafi Oak Character Brushed White Oil extends throughout the entire area, through reception, all linking hallways, consultation rooms and into surgery. Visually this gives the individual rooms a warm and comfortable base.

The easy maintenance of a mafi floor is a cleansing and therapeutic experience in itself. The mafi oil soap cleans and re-oils the floor every time it is washed, putting natural plant fats and acids back into the timber flooring and leaving a perfectly natural woody scent.

Above all, visitors benefit from the scent of the natural wooden floor.

Not just that, through the timber’s open pores the wooden floorboards absorb the typical medical smells of a dental practice and contribute to the well-being of staff, patients and visitors.