Main Watch Volunteer Fire
Service Neumarkt


Main Watch Volunteer Fire Service Neumarkt

Wood and fire – an undesirable combination when you’re talking emergency response. However Design Studio Fally & Partner Architecture have taken a different point of view when incorporating mafi timber into the design of Main Watch Volunteer Fire Station Neumarkt.

mafi Oak Sand Brushed White Oil natural wood floorboards were selected for the flooring throughout the office, conference and meeting rooms of the volunteer fire department. The naturally formed knots and cracks that are characteristic of our Oak Sand floorboards bring an earthy feel to the interiors. Materials were thoughtfully selected to establish a comfortable environment that supports a constructive approach to work.

After many years of planning and construction the completed building offers everything that is necessary and more for a modern and efficient volunteer fire station. General meeting areas and offices are located on the upper level while large double-height garage spaces occupying heavy duty engines are on the lower level.