Fondly named ‘Queen of the Alps’, Swiss Stone Pine has been valued for centuries for the positive effect it has on health and wellbeing. mafi Swiss Stone Pine has been used in health retreats in the Alps traditionally, but also throughout the world to create a space for better rest and recuperation.

It’s no surprise that nature impacts people in a positive way. Health and wellbeing surrounds the ideal that the body needs to be nourished by the most natural means possible. It is a common understanding that highly processed, packaged foods are bad for you and the most natural and chemical free ingredients you can get your hands on are the best. This often means raw, organic produce that you get at the local growers market or grow in your own garden.

This ideal extends to the products and environment you surround yourself with everyday. Our philosophy surrounds improving health and wellbeing through all natural, chemical free timber flooring, which in turn supports a healthy work and living space.

Partnered with the National Asthma council of Australia, mafi are committed to improving indoor air quality. mafi wooden flooring is 100% chemical free, with a groundbreaking all-natural oil finish. It is our philosophy that the benefits of wood can only be realised when left in its most raw and natural state.

Organic refers to anything that is natural, healthy, free from chemicals, environmentally friendly, and unaltered by harmful chemical processes. This pretty much sums up a mafi wooden floor, but to bring even more to the table, our collection offers Swiss Stone Pine, which is renowned for its innate ability to support health and wellbeing.

Benefits of Swiss Stone Pine

For centuries, people have believed Swiss Stone Pine to have a positive effect on the human body. The high concentration of natural resins and oils in Swiss Stone Pine gives it an earthy scent, which is renowned for its calming effect.

This long-standing belief encouraged Scientists from the Joanneum Research Company in Austria to put Swiss Stone Pine to the test. The results found the wood to have numerous health benefits, proving that it lowered the heart rate, reduced stress, increased the rate of recuperation, and helped put the mind and body in a state of restfulness.

Using the latest sensor technologies, Scientists observed the biological rhythms and nerve system of the body. The laboratory tests investigated the differences in the quality of recuperation between a Swiss Stone Pine room and an identically designed room with regular wooden decor.

The results found that Swiss Stone Pine lowered the heart rate when the body is under physical or mental stress. Astonishingly, the wood saves the body some 3,500 heartbeats per day, which is equivalent to an hour’s worth of work for the heart. The quality and speed of recuperation is considerably better when the body is at rest in a room of Swiss Stone Pine. Another interesting benefit of this unique timber is that it is antibacterial and moth repellent.

Swiss Stone Pine is one of our most loved products because of its restorative qualities. A favourite amongst architects and designers, mafi’s collection of Alpine timber is often specified to create a Scandinavian look that is beautiful and pure, in both nature and design. Swiss Stone Pine has a smooth appearance with subtle knots and a light, honey colour. “Nature is our best designer” Friedrich Fillafer, owner of mafi Austria.

To find out more information about at the National Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice® program click here.

*Joanneum Research, Institute of Non- Invasive Diagnosis, Franz-Pichler-Strasse 30, A-8160 Weiz, Austria 603-2900