That woody aroma |
mafi herringbone & wine


That woody aroma | mafi herringbone & wine

From the feet squishing the grapes in the old oak barrel to the hearty red wine on your table, the aroma and depth of all natural oak continues underfoot with mafi’s very own Oak Country Brushed Natural Oil flooring. Not only for the wine connoisseurs, this hotel and restaurant caters to aristocrats from all over.

Selected for it’s hardwearing and robust nature, mafi flooring was installed through out the entire dining area. The natural oak brings a certain warmth and honesty to the elegant space.

The herringbone pattern points forward leading guests down the centre of the room and off to intimate dining tables on the outskirts of the room. Other tables offer social observances. Light spills into the room, reflecting the natural grain and creative direction of the wooden floorboards.

Herringbone was one of the first parquetry patterns developed in Europe, this echoed the zig-zag brickwork that had decorated churches and other buildings for centuries. Even now it is still a classic, contemporary design that exemplifies architectural design.

mafi Oak Country Brushed Natural Oil floorboards  are hardwearing enough to withstand even the busiest traffic. Hundreds of high heels gallivant across this hard Oak floor and the chivalry of pulling out a chair for your date is nothing short of necessary. That necessity requires a mafi scratch resistant and of course stiletto proof floor.

The restaurant achieves decorative elegance and respectability with the traditional geometric laid engineered timber flooring, yet has a contemporary feel with the wider plank, natural oiled mafi Oak Country floorboards.