Kebony is 'The New Wood'


Kebony is 'The New Wood'

What is Kebony?

Kebony is the only sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood when beauty and performance are essential. Perfectly suitable for all tropical climates, Kebony comes in decking & cladding with a 30 year warranty against rot & decay. FSC & PEFC certified, you can be guaranteed Kebony is sustainable & will stand the test of time.

  •           30 year warranty outdoors
  •           Kebony turns softwood into tropical hardwood
  •           Indoor & outdoor flooring, decking and cladding
  •           100% natural solid wood with no toxins
  •           Naturally develops silver grey patina
  •           Pre-fabricated revolutionary clip system

Developed in Norway ,the Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process, which enhances the properties of sustainable softwood with a bio-based liquid. The process permanently modifies the wood cell walls giving Kebony premium hardwood characteristics and a rich brown colour.

After exposure to sun and rain the wood develops a natural silver-grey patina. Performance is maintained while beauty is enhanced. Kebony is 100% natural real wood with enhanced and strengthened cell structure that contains no toxins or harmful impregnation substances, Only 100% natural Kebonisation.

Kebony wood has outstanding stability with swelling and shrinkage reduced by 40-60%. With an outdoor lifetime warranty of 30 years you can install and forget, especially as there is no additional treatment needed beyond normal cleaning.

Suitable for interior and exterior applications that demand high performance and a refined look, Kebony can be used as decking, flooring, cladding and roofing. Whether it be a job in your home, holiday house, commercial office or even your yacht, Kebony can cater for any environment and all conditions.

Installing Kebony is made easy – our prefabricated clip system will have you relaxing in no time! The fastening is invisible, the aesthetic result irrepoachable without any visible screws. As the clips a prefabricated and spaced to precise positions the Kebony decking boards are automatically perfectly aligned. You simply push the Kebony decking into the clips and your done.

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