Life's peachy with
mafi natural floors


Life's peachy with mafi natural floors

Doctors are recognising the positive impact good design can have on their patients and as a result we are seeing more comfortable and inviting spaces. No longer are the days of cold, sterile waiting rooms, instead they are taking on fresh new look that enhances a sense of health & wellbeing.

Research suggests that specifying products that are less institutional and more homely helps reduce patients’ anxiety during their visit to the Doctor. Furniture in soft pastel tones and billowing curtains harmonise with the white oiled oak providing a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

Mafi Oak Country Brushed Extreme White Oil flooring was selected here not only for its light & textured appearance but also for it’s hardwearing nature and many natural health benefits.

Mafi are partners with the National Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program.

Air quality should be as much of a concern in your home as it is in a healthcare environment. A major contributor to poor indoor air quality is off gassing, typically from flooring material and surface coatings such as wax and lacquers. This indoor pollution can act as a trigger for asthma and allergy sufferers, as well as affecting general human health & wellbeing. Mafi floors are finished with an all natural oil and are 100% chemical free, containing no VOC’s.

Mafi flooring comprises of three layers of solid wood, there are no plywood or composites full of chemicals present in any mafi product. Everything from the glue we use to bind the layers of a mafi floor to the oil finish & oil soap are made from 100% natural plant products.

Heavy foot and rolling traffic are major factors to consider when specifying the flooring for a medical office. Mafi Oak Country is a floor that is both visually beautiful and can withstand the demands of high activity. Mafi’s all natural oil finish hardens and protects the floor to resist scuffs and scratches.

Mafi natural wood floors have a brushed, slip resistant surface and our stairs are compliant with the NCC National Construction Code.

Mafi’s unique cleaning process uses only all natural oil soaps which work to not only restore the original surface, but also strengthen and make the surface more resistant to any potential damage. Mafi timber never requires sanding which minimises down time and costs in the future.

The National Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice® program is about helping Australians to recognise products and brands that offer asthma and allergy care. The Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol is displayed on products that support the cause. To find out more information about at the National Asthma Foundation’s Sensitive Choice® program click here.