At mafi's core | Super Spruce


At mafi's core | Super Spruce

This week we thought we might take a trip to the core of mafi. And we mean this in the most literal of terms – the very core of our three layer, engineered wooden floors – that being, Spruce. So why do we want to know about Spruce? Well, for one, the natural properties of spruce contain many health benefits.

Here at mafi, we place a big significance on improving health and wellbeing in indoor environments including the home, living and office environment, and this core value is reflected not only in our philosophy but in every little aspect of our natural wooden flooring including what is hidden in the middle layer of our floorboards.

There is no substitute for quality. Quality comes from using premium materials (seen & unseen), innovative construction and plenty of experience. Mafi’s full range of 3 layered natural engineered timber flooring consist of a full core of spruce, or as we like to call it Super Spruce.

There are two main reasons why we use Spruce for the core layer. One – Spruce is a conifer soft wood and gives our boards the flexibility to move and regulate moisture without warping or cupping. The second reason is Spruce is all natural and healthy! We don’t use composites, plywood or chemicals in the construction of our boards, so that we utilise the full benefits of natural wood in its most natural state.

Sandwiched between the 2 outer layers of identical timber, the grain of the spruce runs across that of the top and bottom layers. This gives our floorboards incredible balance and stability.

Mafi’s all natural engineered timber flooring with its super spruce core has been used in many projects around the world as a result of the health benefits it offers, including hot springs, saunas, massage and health wellness centres.

The gentle aroma of natural oils in Spruce have been known to open the respiratory and nasal passages and release blockages, assisting in pain relief and easing symptoms of chronic coughs and asthma. This natural aroma can also promote an overall feeling of happiness and well-being, invigorating the body.

There are many reasons why we call it Super Spruce and use it in all of our natural engineered timber floorboards. A typical floor will encompass the second largest area in an internal environment, so it’s essential that the floor is aiding in enhancing the health and life of those who use the space.

Some of the health benefits of Spruce

Spruce has been used to alleviate fatigue and invigorate the adrenal glands, helping revitalize work and home environments. Invigorating the entire body, Spruce may help to increase circulation and ease the debilitating effects of rheumatism.

The benefits of spruce oil has been traditionally used to treat arthritis symptoms, hyperthyroidism, immune-depression and rheumatism; ground the body, revive tired muscles, soothe digestive distresses like diarrhea, dyspepsia, and stomachaches, treat asthma and bronchitis, improve circulation, fight fatigue, increase libido, clear acne-prone skin, and promote feelings of happiness and well-being.