mafi Domino stacks up for
sustainable design


mafi Domino stacks up for sustainable design

Creating open, airy & healthy spaces is a big challenge on most projects. This week mafi were fortunate to be invited by the Green Building Council of Australia GBCA to a discussion on Green Star and what it really means. Along with the Design Institute of Australia DIA they gave tips on how to design for ‘Sustainable Interior Design’.

Head of knowledge and sustainability at Hassell Studio, Brett Pollard led the discussion with a focus not only on minimising the damage but regenerating the environment through thoughtful design.

Nowadays, there is an emphasis on creating spaces that are interactive, and have a positive impact on health, wellbeing and the environment. We took this as a great opportunity to explore how natural materials, in this instance, mafi Domino, can be used in new and exciting ways.

This project in Mexico is a great example. Based around sophisticated natural materials, the interiors offer not just practicality, but a beautiful space to be in. Here, the emphasis is on the experience, the mafi Domino Larch door is an opportunity to touch and interact with the raw wood.

mafi Domino Larch is a dynamic, playful and exciting product, it is made up of 40x40mm raw end-grain blocks that are held together on a mesh backing.

In this space, the towering Domino walls and door act as a spine, holding it all together. Floor to ceiling windows let in the natural light and views, and act to balance the heavy domino core.

The design of mafi Domino, made up of individual end grain blocks is captivating. The timber is treated with an all natural process called mafi Vulcano which gives the individual blocks their unique colour, and at the same time enhances the durability of the timber.

The natural oil finish provides the timber with essential nutrients to keep it robust and strong, allowing the timber to breathe and improve indoor air quality.