mafi floor survives flooding
for 2 weeks in Sochi


mafi floor survives flooding for 2 weeks in Sochi

In the lead up to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, one venue that was to host some of the most prestigious names in sport was on the brink of disaster. Suffering a violent hail storm, water flooded the flooring of the brand new venue and threatened to bring a halt to it’s unveiling.

mafi flooring that covered 300m2 of the venue’s floorspace was submerged and swam under water for two whole weeks.

This is where renowned timber floor expert, Bernhard Grandner came to the rescue. Applying his understanding of oiled floors Bernhard managed to revive the floor using mafi natural oil and oil soap.

Miraculously, the mafi Oak Country floor could be saved with little to no compromise to the integral structure of the boards. Bernhard has since been called the ‘floor whisperer’.

The influences of water and temperature in this case have fundamentally changed the mafi floor, not that it is unsightly but rather unusual. Not only did the floor miraculously survive, but it’s unique appearance has spurred a lot of interest from the public, so much so that one man wants to install the altered product in his very own home.

Even in the most severe case of water damage, mafi timber proves its strength and durability. The balanced three layer construction of mafi boards and the naturally oiled surface ensured the floor could be revived.

Bernhard Grandner emphasises that an oiled timber floor needs water to live, but not in masses such as in Sochi. That’s why such a floor is ideal for bathrooms and toilets, and thereby eliminates a pre-conception.

Why does a mirror streak in a tiled bathroom quicker than in a bathroom with an oiled timber floor? The answer is hygroscopically explained: wood binds moisture better.

Olympic Result: Mother Nature 0 vs mafi 1