Timber in bathrooms |
mafi is the solution


Timber in bathrooms | mafi is the solution

The usual reaction to timber flooring & bathrooms is that the two do not mix. Mafi have been using timber in bathrooms world wide for over 30 years and we wanted to share with you our trade secrets on how timber can be used successfully and effortlessly in bathrooms and wet rooms.

Nature is the solution

As in nature, when a tree is exposed to the elements it has to self regulate its moisture content. Mafi understand that the natural benefits of wood can only be realised when left in its most natural state.

Common belief

Common belief is that timber flooring needs to be waterproofed or coated extremely well to be used in wet rooms or bathrooms. This is where the problem often lies.

Water gets trapped underneath a plastic or superficial coating, keeping a high moisture content in it, that then negatively affects the timber – what this plastic coating or ‘waterproofing’ doesn’t allow for, is for the timber to naturally process moisture and breathe it back into the atmosphere.

The mafi philosophy

Mafi have a solution and with our long history to back it up, we want give you confidence in using natural timber in the bathroom.

The entire mafi philosophy is based on keeping with the natural quality and characteristics of wood. When it comes to bathrooms this is all about letting the timber breathe and process moisture. It is a simple pattern in nature that is often overlooked, and mafi wants to demonstrate what we have perfected over the years that has enables us to use this beautiful raw material to its full potential.

How do we make this possible?

It’s not without world wide quality assurance of timber in wet rooms and bathrooms, that mafi offer a solution.

Mafi engineered timber boards are all made with a superior solid three-layer construction and a natural oil finish that allows our engineered timber boards to expand and contract evenly, keeping balance and preventing warping or cupping. The treatment of mafi boards is what allows the timber to breathe, an all natural oil finish allows the water to be processed naturally and evaporate off the surface.

Care-free maintenance

Cleaning the bathroom is never the favoured job amongst any household, but cleaning with mafi oil soap is easy, quick and smells great. As easy as two buckets of warm water and a mop, the oil soap is full of natural plant fats and acids, cleans and re-oils the timber leaving it harder, stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

The natural antibacterial qualities of wood are a great incentive to choose mafi for the bathroom.

Change your perception

With our long history in Austria, Europe and the world, we are hoping to change the perceptions in Australia of timber flooring in bathrooms, one bathroom at a time.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on mafi timber and its use in wet areas, please say hello@mafi.com.au or contact us at one of our showrooms in Sydney or Melbourne.