skate on art | mafi gets
gnarly at Sydney Indesign


skate on art | mafi gets gnarly at Sydney Indesign

mafi Australia’s latest initiative saw our timber floorboards bend to form a half pipe at Sydney Indesign. mafi bended is our most exciting range yet, which allows us by way of a special process to bend any of our natural wooden floorboards.

True to mafi’s innovative culture, the first of its kind skateboard ramp was designed to show the audience just how hardwearing and versatile mafi floors are.

The SID Galleria event which took place at the Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, was a platform to display creative design.

Visitors to the Galleria watched on as professional skate boarders, Cameron Sparkes and Bjorn Johnston put mafi timber floorboards to the ultimate test of strength and wearability.

The skate ramp featured boards in mafi Carving Grunge, a unique creation from the mafi Carving range which displays text that is burnt into the surface of the timber.

Our innovative carving technology enables classic, retro-modern and contemporary designs to be engraved onto naturally oiled wood surfaces. The Carving range is an extraordinary symbiosis between the natural structure of wood and the use of graphic design.

Well established in Europe for over 30 years, mafi custom made timber flooring is now swiftly making its mark on the Australian Design Scene.

Special guest, Georg Klampfer from mafi headquarters and factory in Austria attended the three day event to provide any technical answers on the unique construction and origins of a mafi floor.

Popular questions from visitors referred to the make up of a mafi floor – our answer is always the same, that the superior three layer construction of mafi solid engineered boards teamed with an all natural oil finish is what makes a mafi floor so incredibly robust and hardwearing.

Not only can we use mafi timber to create a fully functioning skate ramp, but we guarantee our floors over underfloor heating and in bathrooms.

The mafi philosophy surrounds nature and healthy living, providing only all-natural finished surfaces without compromise of quality.

The oils used are wholly based on natural raw materials, which support and harden the wood by preserving its natural qualities.

The ramp drew plenty of attention with visitors taking the opportunity to get in on the action. Kids especially created a spectacle when they took to the ramp for a slide.