mafi makes a splash in Salzburg


mafi makes a splash in Salzburg

The most fascinating feature of this project in Salzburg is the incredible timber walling in the luxurious pool and spa area. The owners of this residence selected mafi Oak Country Riva Mezzo Natural Oil from the mafi carved range, the surface is textured in a way that mimics the movement of the sand on the ocean floor – it makes a quick dip in the pool feel like a trip to the beach.

The use of mafi timber in this way reflects a strong desire for natural products to be used throughout the home. A sense of bringing the outdoors in is felt throughout the design, turning what is often a cold, tiled space into a natural and healthy environment.

Wood and water are rarely used together, despite the ability of both to provide a sense of wellbeing. Sealed wood (lacquered, UV-oiled etc) can only withstand water and moisture as long as the seal isn’t damaged. Here at mafi we follow a completely different approach with a naturally oiled surface. The unique structure and all-natural oil finish of a mafi floor allows the timber to ‘breathe’ or process moisture, and is therefore ideal for use in wet-areas and bathrooms.

Mafi all natural oil penetrates the timber and provides stability without closing the pores of the wood. The moisture can be absorbed by the wood and then released back into the room. The perfectly balanced three layer construction of mafi boards, with spruce sandwiched between two layers of identical timber means that the boards expand and contract at the same rate. The resulting counter effect stabilizes the plank as a whole and prevents warping and cupping.

For this project, mafi floorboards were mounted on the wall creating a unique room concept. The wear on the boards is negligible in comparison to a floor. Regardless, the walls are cleaned and re-oiled every now and then with mafi natural Oil Soap.

A mafi floor is designed to be lived on, and these walls are no exception as they will undoubtedly witness many hours of family fun with splashes, laughter and plenty of sticky fingers.

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