Mafi Vulcano: A Healthy Alternative


Mafi Vulcano: A Healthy Alternative

Mafi Timber are proud to be the first to offer a real alternative to tropical timbers through the Mafi Vulcano Thermal Heat Treatment. The treatment utilises strictly natural, environmentally friendly processes to darken the pigment of the wood. Unlike smoked and stained floors, no chemicals are used in this process and the colour is the whole way through the board.The ecological use of raw materials is carried throughout the entire process of production and reflects the Mafi all natural philosophy. As such, the Mafi Vulcano treatment saves energy consumption and is a sustainable, ecological alternative to using naturally dark woods. Eliminating tropical woods and replacing with Mafi FSC certified timbers reduces production volume by up to 500%.

Mafi General Manager, Fritz Fillafer explains, “The heat treatment is 100% ecological, there are no harmful gas concentrations released into the atmosphere or harmful by-products. We are able to offer a large range of colours ranging from honey golds, to shimmering reds, to antique browns using European woods, not rainforest woods”.

The Vulcano treatment involves placing the wood in thermal drying chambers for up to 30 days where it is exposed to the elements of heat, wind and water. Through technical innovations, this process has become one of the greatest energy savers in the entire production process. The moisture is removed from the wood more efficiently without causing any additional stress on the wood.

There are countless benefits of Mafi Vulcano treatment. It strengthens the dimensional stability of the wood, improving its durability and preventing warping and cupping. Furthermore, the likelihood of swelling, shrinkage and inner stress is reduced, whilst simultaneously the wood’s resistance to fungus and pests is increased. All of the above make Mafi flooring ideal for wet areas and to be placed above underfloor heating.

To find out more about the range of Mafi Vulcano timbers, contact a Mafi Product Consultant today.

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