A modern showstopper features mafi


A modern showstopper features mafi

Today we get to show you another mafi floor that was not only selected for its beauty, but in this case also for it’s acoustic properties.

Mafi is treated as naturally as possible using an all natural oil to harden and protect the wood. This allows the wood to retain its natural benefits such as sound absorption.

The passion and creative talent of the owner is seen throughout every room of this modern show stopper. Kitted out with the best musical equipment, this music enthusiasts home boasts its very own home studio.

Mafi Oak Country Brushed White Oil natural wooden floorboards have been used throughout the entire house balancing the grandeur of the owners lifestyle. The white oil finish is harmonious in the light and modern space.

The knots and cracks in mafi Oak Country give the home a modest feel whilst still adding character through the natural imperfections.

Custom made stairs in Oak Country offer a seamless and relaxed transition between the levels.

This one is an exciting insight into the inner workings of an entertainer and we think mafi comes in right on cue.