Moulds Constructions & Electricals Pty Ltd


Moulds Constructions & Electricals Pty Ltd

Mafi have collaborated with Moulds Constructions & Electricals Pty Ltd on a range of high-end residential projects across Sydney.

Since their inception in 1991, Moulds have built an enviable reputation as quality builders. They specialise in all areas of residential buildings, from modest extensions to architect designed luxury homes.

The company has consistently turned the vision of many of Australia’s leading architects into the built form.

Communication with architects and owners is one of the cornerstones underpinning the success of the organisation, and their vast experience enables construction issues to be effectively addressed.

The company’s management systems ensure projects are built to a planned process utilising critical path analysis and delivering quality within time and cost requirements. We also ensure that organisational efficiency is maintained.

The company has an extensive network of valued employees, contractors and specialists in every facet of the building profession which enables delivery of a first class result, every time.

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