Nicholas Murray Architects


Nicholas Murray Architects

Mafi have been collaborating with Nicholas Murray Architects since they began trading in 2008. Together they have worked to transform houses throughout Melbourne in to modern-contemporary masterpieces.

After completing an honours degree in Architecture from The University of Melbourne Nicholas founded Nicholas Murray Architects (NMA) in 1999. The practice has successfully completed over 140 projects including residential and commercial buildings in Melbourne, New South Wales and Queensland.

Qualified in both Commerce and Architecture Nicholas brings a rare combination of skills to the profession. The primary focus of this design-inspired practice is to foster successful collaborations between client, architect and builder resulting in swift and innovative built form outcomes. They pride themselves on their intelligent, pragmatic approach to problem solving and consider that environmentally sustainable architecture is at the core of their practice. Their designs are forged through a strong understanding of materials, form, texture and scale. Many of theirr buildings have been featured in local and overseas publications.

Located in South Melbourne occupying a building designed and built by NMA, this boutique sized practice offers clients a high level of director input throughout the design, documentation and project delivery phases.

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