Christmas Care with
Mafi Oil Soap


Christmas Care with Mafi Oil Soap

Christmas is a special time of year, bringing together friends and family to enjoy great company, exchange gifts and of course indulge in delicious food and wine. The inevitable result of such a good time though, is mess.

Cleaning your mafi timber floor is simple. All you need is Mafi Oil Soap, a bucket of warm water and a cotton mop. Christmas is the best time to let go of your worries and enjoy, this means letting the furniture get a proper work out, and taking care of the mess later. So when the time comes and everybody leaves for home, getting your floor back to looking flawless couldn’t be easier.

Mafi Timber uses a no compromise, all-natural oil finish containing essential fatty acids to cleanse and enrich the natural product. Wood, like human skin has the ability to breathe and heal itself, but this can only happen if the surface is free from lacquers and chemicals. This is what makes Mafi timber so easy to care for; the all-natural oil surface finish allows the wood to regulate moisture and essentially, breathe out any accidental marks or stains. Click here for more info on the natural oil finish.

There is no need to be precious with a Mafi wooden floor. Entirely scratchproof, you can let grandma’s excitable pooch run wild, and the kids test drive their new toy cars until their little hearts are content. Simply give your floor a nourishing mop with mafi oil soap and let the nutrients soak into the timber, leaving it clean, fresh and healthy. Click here for more info on care-free maintenance.

As you wash your mafi floor, try to think of it like your skin; you clean and moisturise, flush pores and leave a fresh scent. This gives the wood added strength, increased resistance and beauty that will last a lifetime. An added bonus is that this process of nourishing the timber is calming, and might just help you unwind from the long day of Christmas festivities. Or you could just sit back on the couch, take a sigh of relief and take care of it later!