Illuminate with our NEW
mafi Oak Molto


Illuminate with our NEW mafi Oak Molto

Luminous with or without abundant natural light is the NEW mafi Oak Molto! This fresh and edgy natural timber floor offers big variations in pattern and tone.

Through a wide range of environmental influences, trees grow and change colour differently and no two are the same. This exact process is what we always try to convey with our all natural wood floors.

Colour conveys emotions, changes subjects, and produces a wide variety of moods. When we search for colour in nature, we discover a variety of different shades, tones and combinations. Oak Molto expresses all of the natural growth rings, colours and tones of oak.

Here at mafi, we continuously encounter spectacular & incomparable materials encouraging us to innovate and define new boundaries. We use the entire tree because this is the most sustainable way. It’s this efficiency that leads to our most innovative products.

Our newest release, Oak Molto comes in a mix of different widths varying between 100-185mm. Why do we use random widths? Because Molto has attitude! Plus, by doing this we find a spectacular use of random sized off-cuts from production.

Pictured is mafi Oak Molto Brushed White Oil