Retro Modern by Douglas Fir


Retro Modern by Douglas Fir

We are excited to introduce Douglas Fir to the mafi family with it’s impressive 300mm wide-plank and cool natural colour. Douglas Fir’s natural knots give a bounce of life to this New York loft style apartment as you follow the 5 metre planks into the bright open spaces enhanced by the light texture of the timber.

Douglas Fir’s light hue, natural knots & growth rings contrast with the retro modern & abstract impressionist look of the room. This highlights the style throughout the apartment.

Douglas Fir Lye Treated Brushed White Oil boards have a subtle appearance and a clear surface structure, typical are a few faint, well-embodied knots & grain. The beauty of all this natural character is shown in greater effect with 300mm wide planks showing the full effect of the annual growth rings.

The raw material originates from Austria and is only felled in the winter months. During winter the tree ceases its growth for a short period, resulting in further robustness and stability in the wood.

Douglas Fir’s creative intrigue and light consciousness will be a timeless feature. Bold colours can be introduced and furnishings can be changed as often as the heart desires.

Douglas Fir wooden floorboards are ideal for contemporary architecture, a light and neutral base allows endless possibilities from an interior design perspective.