Tranquility from the outside in


Tranquility from the outside in

Located in a leafy suburb in the heart of Melbourne, this single dwelling residence is a far stretch from the dilapidated block of flats that once stood in it’s place. The 390m2 plot of land now seems more in touch with the residential character of the neighbourhood.

Specialising in the construction and project management of architecturally designed homes, extensions and renovations, Imperial Builders executed the use of quality materials to produce this superb home.

Designed by Nicholas Murray Architects, personality was brought to the built form but not without some difficulty. Challenges included complying with conservative local planning and heritage restrictions and fulfilling an extensive client’s brief.

Mafi flooring was selected in Oak Country Brushed Natural Oil and brings texture and warmth to the home. Mafi European Oak extends throughout the ground level across the kitchen, dining and living spaces. Rich material selection provides a sense of comfort and a link between individually zoned areas.

Specially created for this project were custom made floating stairs; whilst sleek and minimalistic, drama is created with the entire neighbouring wall also clad in mafi.

Inspired by the tranquility of nature, the intention was to bring a peaceful feeling into the home. This tranquility and spaciousness is achieved with the carefully considered openings, water features that can be heard from within and plenty of opportunity to interact with the landscaped outdoor areas.

Blurring the lines between the lush, green outdoors and the internal living environment, this home offers a real sanctuary for it’s inhabitants. Mafi’s 100% chemical free flooring contributes to a healthy room atmosphere and to top it all off a therapeutic experience can be had with every wash. The all natural mafi oil soap cleans and re-oils the floor whilst filling the home with a natural woody smell.