Turn up the heat with mafi
over underfloor heating


Turn up the heat with mafi over underfloor heating

These wintery days are enough for any of us want to get back to the warmth and comfort of our own home. Mafi is proud to be one of the only timber flooring products that can be successfully placed over underfloor heating. Thanks to the balanced 3-layer structure and the chemical free oil finish, mafi engineered timber floorboards are made for underfloor heating.

The general problem with floor heating is the intense temperatures acting on the floor. It should be noted that wood is a natural material which is influenced by temperature and humidity. At high ambient humidity every wooden floor absorbs moisture and expands. At low ambient humidity, as is the case during the winter heating season, the wood releases moisture and contracts – gaps appear.

The symmetrical 3 layer engineered timber structure of mafi wooden boards reduces this effect significantly. Both the top and bottom layer consist of the same wood having had the same treatment. This results in the board having a counter layer, which restricts the “warping” of the boards enormously. The middle layer is made of a fast growing conifer, generally spruce, running across the grain for added strength, which also cancels out any additional stresses.

mafi uses natural oils for finishing. One of the major benefits of this is that no insulating layer coats the wood, but rather the board is finished from the inside out. In other words, you walk on the wood and not on any sealer.

“I do not have underfloor heating, but everyone thinks I have. Even in the bathroom, wood is incredibly warm and soft. That’s because it doesn’t lose the body heat as quickly as stone or lacquered surfaces” Says Christiane Lindner about her mafi floor.

The wood remains alive and the floor is always at body temperature. In addition, the floor can absorb water and release it again through the room temperature back into the air – the wood can breathe. Mafi is 100% natural, so when the floor is heated no toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere, promoting a healthy indoor environment.

When installed, mafi floors are glued directly onto the heated slab to minimise thermal resistance and maximise heat transfer. With this variation, a permanently elastic adhesive is to be used to allow the floor to have the required flexibility. In addition, a complete heating protocol must be present over the underfloor heating.

With over 30 years of experience in production and installation of wood over radiant heat, mafi can guarantee you a beautiful, warm timber floor this winter and many more winters to come.

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