World Premier: Mafi Tiger
Oak Runway


World Premier: Mafi Tiger Oak Runway

It is without coincidence that Mafi is affiliated with the world of fashion and design. Creative design on a natural wooden base is what Mafi is passionate about. Attracted to the innovation and natural design of Mafi floors, celebrities including Claudia Schiffer and Giorgio Armani have used Mafi in their own private homes. Mafi has also been used for various commercial areas, including the Star Casino in Sydney, Australia.

An outstanding runway invented for an outstanding event

This impressive catwalk created by Mafi for Fashion Week in Innsbruck Austria is the very first in its kind. The runway has an impressive length of 30m and covers an area of 170sqm, consisting of 357 planks of Mafi Tiger Oak White Brushed Natural Oil. “It is definitely the most natural runway in the world”, says Friedrich Fillafer, CEO of Mafi natural wooden floors in Schneegattern, Austria.

Cultivated from sustainable forests in Central Europe, Mafi flooring is 100 percent chemical-free, and finished in an all-natural oil to maintain the wood in its most natural state. The partnership was an initiative of both Mafi and Gunther Egger, the organizer of Innsbruck Fashion Week.